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Leadership Coaching
Debra Coleman, Career Coach, Leadership Coach, VFX Coach, Anim Coach, Games Coach
Our coaching solutions are designed to enable optimal performance within VFX and the screen industries.

At Open Frame, we recognise that talented individuals are often promoted in to roles of new responsibility because they were awesome in their previous role – however, without providing appropriate support, this can lead to stress, feeling overwhelmed, can knock their confidence – affecting both theirs and the team’s performance. By providing coaching at this time, you will be supporting your rising stars to succeed in their new roles.

1) 1:1 Authentic Leadership coaching: Becoming the Leader You Want To Be 

1:1 Coaching is the fastest and most effective way to become the leader you want to be. Join VFX Veteran, Debra Coleman, for this ‘deep dive’ into exploring what kind of leader you would like to be. 

Format: 6 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions


  • Understand who you are now 
  • Explore what kind of leader you would like to be 
  • Create a vision for your future

Takeaways and Impact: 

  • Gain clarity on your own authentic leadership style 
  • Be able to communicate this clearly 
  • Identify next steps to move towards this 
  • Feel empowered and excited to begin/continue your leadership journey 

We’re delighted to count Scanline, Belo VFX, PXL Talent, NVIZ and Union VFX  amongst our clients.

2) Leadership Skills group coaching programme: 

Format: 4 x 3 hour group workshops. Designed for 6-8 leaders.


  • Equipped and empower team leaders to be able to lead effectively 
  • Build a team-feel for leaders and their teams 
  • Improve retention 

Takeaways and Impact: 

  • Individual development in practical leadership skills, benefitting leaders and their teams 
  • Leaders are empowered to make decisions 
  • New starters and team members feel supported and remain with the business 
  • Data collected via individual impact questionnaires before and after 


We’re delighted to count Union VFX and Damien Hirst’s Science amongst our clients.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Leadership Coaching Testimonials

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